Turn-Key Health

Transforming Advanced Illness Management and Care Delivery

Turn-Key Health is an end-of-life population health management company, focused on improving the quality of care provided to patients with life-limiting illnesses. The Company partners with existing hospice, palliative care, and home healthcare providers to deliver systematic palliative care / advanced illness management (AIM) to traditional payers, ACOs, and health systems.

Turn-Key Health utilizes proprietary predictive analytics to identify patients who are likely to receive futile care during the end-of-life and engages with those patients using scientifically validated interventions specific to their disease state, demographics, and trajectory. The structured assessments and interventions are supported and tracked via a mobile end-of-life population health management platform.

The Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) defines advanced illness as “occurring when one or more conditions become serious enough that general health and functioning decline, and treatments begin to lose their impact. This is a process that continues until the end of life.” Our palliative care / AIM solution reduces health expenditures, improves patient and family satisfaction, and delivers care coordination and care quality.

Our Model

  1. Identify and stratify “at risk” palliative care / AIM populations using proprietary predictive algorithms.
  2. Equip existing community-based providers with patient demographic and clinical information through a proprietary, mobile platform.
  3. Instruct patient engagement and interventional approaches to the provision of evidence-based electronically supported guidelines with a focus on patient preferences, goals of care and clinical needs.
  4. Drive care coordination and enhance communication with the patient’s primary caregiver through a technology-enabled HIPPA secure platform.
  5. Measure and monitor value to the patient, healthcare system and payer based on quality, access and cost.

Turn-Key Advanced Illness Management Network

If you represent a hospice, palliative care, or home health provider looking to engage payers, ACOs, or health systems in a meaningful way we have a solution that fits your needs.

Payer Management for Patients with Advanced Illnesses

If you represent a payor organization (Commercial, Medicare Advantage, or Managed Medicaid), an ACO, or a health system, looking for a solution to accomplish the triple aim in health care, we can help you meet your goals.

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