Clinical Support

Hospice Support Services

Save Your Nurses’ Time


At Enclara Pharmacia, we know your nurses’ time is highly valuable. Our goal is to streamline their workflow, giving them direct access to a pharmacist, when needed, pulling needed data through our interface capabilities, keeping them off the phone and maximizing the time they need to focus on direct patient care.

Our clinical hospice support services include:

  • Formulary guidance and support with our proprietary MUGs (Management Utilization Guidelines), which are based on evidence- and experience-based palliative medicine
  • Clinical expertise in our 24/7 pharmacist support model, supporting your compliance and emergent symptom management needs. Each of our approximately 250 pharmacists are specially trained in palliative medicine to support your patient population

We leave nothing to chance, as our experienced team of pharmacists can provide guidance on matters such as:

  • Continuation and discontinuation of medications
  • Medication priority and relative importance to symptom treatment
  • Medication efficacy to treat a patient’s specific symptoms

This distinct level of service can help reduce the burden placed on your nurses while helping make patients and their families feel better.

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