Analytics & Reporting

Web-Based Hospice Analytics & BI Reporting

More Than Just a Pharmacy


Enclara Pharmacia is much more than a “fill and bill” pharmacy; we consider ourselves to be your business partner, providing added value services that are intended to have a positive effect on your hospice’s bottom line. We realize that pharmacy costs can be one of your material cost drivers (after labor), so we’re focused on doing everything we can to ensure there is an alignment between your expenditures and the standard of care you provide.

By providing you with hospice analytics, such as utilization and prescription patterns, we can help you:

  • Budget more appropriately
  • Run your business better
  • Ensure your practices are accountable

While you may be used to receiving quarterly reports (if you get any reports at all), we report to you on a monthly basis to enhance your ability to promptly change practices if appropriate, and helping your hospice remain nimble.

Web-Based Business Intelligence Support CAN Save Time & Money

With just a few clicks, hospice staff and management have quick access to tools and reports that facilitate medication management, cost reduction, compliance documentation, and QAPI projects.

As a customer, you log in to the secure customer area of our website, using a unique username and password, and access HIPAA-compliant, “real-time” clinical and operational reports to help you save time, money, and improve patient care.

Mail Order Online Reporting Capabilities

Medication Management

  • Online medication refills
  • Active Medication Report (AMR)
  • Online profile management
  • Full patient profile
  • Delivery tracking report for Enclara Pharmacia Mail Order customers

Cost Management

  • “Real-time” data facilitates cost reduction before invoices arrive
  • Non-formulary report
  • Shipping charge management for Enclara Pharmacia Mail Order customers
  • Online census management

Compliance Documentation & Quality Assurance

  • Complete CoP documentation
  • CoP 15-day past-due
  • Antibiotic details and summary
  • Controlled substance summary

PBM Plus Online Reporting Capabilities

Medication Management

  • Patient active medication report
  • Net utilization
  • Top drug report: generic vs. brand
  • Prescription detail by patient/diagnosis/prescriber
  • Cost per billable day
  • No claims report by prescription history

Clinical Support

  • Automated DUR completion
  • CoP review/exception report
  • Medication profile recommendations per pharmacist review


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